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Wellness Coaching: Classes


What does a wellness coach do? 

A wellness coach (also called a health coach) helps clients implement healthy lifestyle changes and meet their wellness goals. 

I see my main purpose as making wellness goals achievable and accessible for my clients. I will help you brainstorm practical, realistic ways to make healthy changes that fit within your budget and your lifestyle. I also aim to be source of support and encouragement in your wellness journey and an accountability partner who helps you stick to your goals. I help empower my clients to listen to their bodies and respect their bodies' unique needs.  

Who benefits from wellness coaching?

I believe that anyone can benefit from wellness coaching! 

However, some common reasons people seek coaching include:

  • help with stress management

  • help managing chronic illness symptoms

  • help making or sticking with lifestyle changes (nutrition, exercise, etc.)

  • help managing weight

  • help with self-care

  • help with non-pharmaceutical pain management

What makes your approach holistic?

I believe that wellness is a multi-faceted concept that involves our minds, bodies, and emotions. Everything from psychological health, to social life, to physical symptoms, to sleep habits, to finances, to feelings of purpose/meaning, to spirituality, to stress levels, to living environment can impact wellness. I aim to honor my clients as whole people, not just sets of isolated symptoms, and my work with you will take into account the complicated and interrelated factors that can impact wellness. 

What does a session look like?

Each person is different, so I try to tailor each session to my clients' unique needs. You are always in the driver's seat, so we will do whatever you find most helpful. For example, if you come to me with a specific goal in mind, I can help you brainstorm small, attainable steps toward meeting that goal and help you design an action plan. If you'd like help with stress management, perhaps I will teach you different types of stress management techniques and lead you through a guided breathing exercise, or perhaps we will talk about different stressors in your life and discuss ways to manage them. If you don't have specific goals but would generally like help with healthy living, we can work together to find wellness practices that might work for you. 


One-on-One Coaching

Due to the pandemic, I am only offering virtual coaching via FaceTime, Zoom, or phone at this time. Please contact me for information about pricing and packages. I hope to work out some standard packages soon, but at the moment I am designing my programs on a case-by-case basis.

Group Coaching

Group coaching can be a great way to receive wellness coaching for a lower cost. Members of the group split the price of coaching and have extra accountability partners. If you have a group formed, please feel free to contact me, and I'd be happy to set up a time to work with you! If you are an individual interested in finding a group, please email me and I'll let you know if there are any current groups available. All group coaching will be held virtually at this time.


If you are looking for someone to speak to your company, school, religious organization, club, etc. about wellness-related topics, I love teaching people about wellness! I am available for lecture or TedX-style talks, discussion leading, or interactive sessions (such as stress management sessions where we practice different breathing exercises together). Please contact me with pricing and availability inquiries.

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