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Abby’s kind patience, easily visible in her smile, immediately creates a space conducive to peaceful, introspective time. With her gentle guidance, I was able to make peace with all the difficulties of my week. If I could, I’d start every day with one of her yoga classes.

Gab, 2019

After taking one yoga class with Abby, I was completely hooked. No other yoga instructor I've had has been so considerate and thoughtful of students' needs and wishes, and it makes the classes varied and enjoyable. Abby's explanations are straightforward and effective, which gives her classes a really incredible flow that I haven't found in many other yoga courses. I found myself really craving and looking forward to her classes as a way to pause and reflect and take some time for myself and my body, which Abby really nurtures in her practice. The only problem is that now I'm disappointed in other yoga classes because they're not taught by Abby!

Meredith, 2019

Abby is a fantastic yoga teacher! She is incredibly knowledgeable, and adapts to her class to make new, engaging, and challenging practices each time. She ensures that everyone’s needs in the class are met, and that everyone can improve with each practice. She is definitely the best yoga teacher I have ever had.

Jenna, 2019

Abby is a phenomenal yoga teacher. She knows how to create the right balance between pushing you and giving you challenging new poses to try, and at the same time fostering a non-judgmental environment where any time a pose is too difficult or you need to take a break, it is completely accepted. She is kind and has a calming presence. She is also great at guiding you through breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. She is a supportive and super dedicated teacher. I loved her Advanced Yoga class a lot

Gray, 2019

What an amazing yoga teacher! Abby meets every student wherever we are - whether we come in with tons of experience, or very little - she shapes the class to the specific group. Over the past 11 weeks Abby has increased my confidence practicing yoga through detailed careful instruction of poses and thoroughly planned out flows. Her classes combine strength building, relaxation, mindfulness, and flexibility. Abby is such a passionate, professional, and kind instructor that I cannot wait for the next class the second one ends!

Emily, 2019

I did yoga with Abby in a P.E. class in Carleton College in Spring 2019, I was impressed by Abby’s confidence and experience, especially when Abby was then a graduating senior and taught yoga as a campus job. Abby is knowledgeable in teaching a wide variety of yoga styles, warm and open to suggestions, and patient in helping us. More importantly, Abby emphasizes non-judgmental and restorative yoga training, creating a comfortable and spiritual environment.

ZhaoBin, 2019

I loved every yoga class I took with Abby. She does a wonderful job balancing challenging moves with relaxing flows in every class, and I always left her class feeling calm, refreshed, and like I'd gotten a workout. Abby's genuine love of yoga and teaching is obvious, and her passion shines through in her classes. She's approachable and was always willing to talk to us individually to answer questions, give suggestions for stretches at home, and take suggestions for improving her classes. She does a great job varying sequences from class to class so we were never bored and were always pushing ourselves to try new things. That being said, she always provided pose variations, making it accessible to all experience levels. I recommend taking classes with her 100%

Heather, 2019

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